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How DOES she do it?!

Aug 20, 2021

This week’s guest is Pam Cottman, a resilience coach, trainer, speaker and a mum of two boys. Pam tells the story of how she rose to become a school assistant headteacher, with a specific focus upon the personal and professional development of young people, her colleagues and her teams through teaching, mentoring and coaching. A passionate believer in unlocking untapped potential, Pam set up her own business in 2018 and is now an ICF accredited coach supporting individuals, schools and organisations to reach their potential by building resilience.

During our conversation, we touch upon;

- Her pastoral role in her career in education

- How going back to school after maternity leave was a real turning point

- How friends noticed before she did that she’d lost her sparkle

- Her observation that noticing what you do for yourself has an impact on those around you

- How a coaching taster course she signed up for ‘felt like home’

- Her joy in giving people the time, space & focus they need

- Guidance for you if you’re not sure which way you’re heading right now

- The importance of choosing a pathway that ‘lights you up!’

Of course I asked Pam to share the toughest & best things about working for herself … listen to hear her wonderful answers!

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